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Rideshare Insurance in Erie, CO and Boulder, CO

Coverage Options for Uber/Lyft drivers in Erie, CO and the surrounding areas

Drivers for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft fall into a coverage gap for their Auto Insurance. ASI offers a rideshare insurance policy that covers drivers once they turn on the “ready for business” app and begin to pick up customers. As rideshare drivers though, you need to be especially mindful that you understand the risks and insurance limits in your state. There are many states where there isn’t an officially recognized rideshare insurance policy and although you may still be covered by Uber or Lyft, your personal insurer may drop you for being a rideshare driver. Colorado is one such state that requires a ride share endorsement to drive for a rideshare company.

When looking into driving for companies like Uber and Lyft make sure you speak with your insurance provider about amending your current Auto Insurance Policy. Many drivers fall into this “no coverage zone” without realizing it. Call us today to talk about Rideshare Insurance options or click to request a quote below.