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Here’s Why Floods Occur and How You Can Protect Yourself

Floods are serious natural disasters. We’ve got you covered if you’ve ever wondered why they occur. If you’re looking for flood insurance, we can help ensure you’re also adequately covered. Contact Advantage Service Insurance, serving Erie, CO, and other communities.

Understanding Floods and the Risks They Pose

Water typically flows into the ocean or large lakes. When it rains, the water will eventually reach a river or stream, then flow onto a large body of water, like the ocean. This keeps most of the land in a given area relatively dry. However, sometimes weather events, like heavy rain storms and snow melt, produce enough water that it can’t be drained away quickly. This can result in flooding.

Local authorities have built drainage systems in many areas to help water drain away more quickly. Yet even so, flooding can still occur. Further, some areas are prone to flooding, and it’d be tough to build a drainage system in such areas that could prevent all flooding.

Communities located in low-lying areas, like valleys, are often more prone to flooding. Rain water and snow will travel downhill and gather at the bottom. Usually, a valley might be drained by a nearby river, but if too much water falls, the river could overflow its banks, leading to flooding. For this reason, communities near rivers are often more at risk of flooding.

Further, flooding can occur when powerful ocean storms create a storm surge and push water from the ocean onto land. Communities located in low-lying areas near the ocean are often more prone to flooding, especially if a major storm, like a hurricane, strikes.

The good news is that families and organizations can protect themselves with the proper flood insurance plans. It’s important to ensure you are covered in the event of floods, as standard homeowner’s insurance often doesn’t cover flooding. Contact Advantage Service Insurance, serving Erie, CO, to learn more about flood insurance.

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